Superior – VIP Service

  • clarification of the designation of areas and building regulations
  • prioritized planning from the predesign-planning to the execution-planning for the house, fence, garage, carport, terrace and swimming pool
  • 3 variants of predesign-planning for easy decision
  • photorealistic visualization for all three variants including 3 views per variant for easy decision
  • photorealistic visualization of one “walk through” (main rooms)
  • inventory, positional and the altitudinal survey of the property
  • capture and summarize of the desired and necessary technical infrastructure based on the complete (inside, outside and all included buildings) electric infrastructure, light-concept, smart-home and security concept, heating and ventilation system, photovoltaic and electromobility, interior and kitchen plan
  • summarizing of all costs and contracts for realization of the complete project
  • creation of a complete construction and equipment description
  • coordination for obtaining official permits
  • coordination of all necessary services based on a masterprojectplan
  • respresenting the owner and on site supervision
  • support of inspection and waranty management
  • quality- and cost control

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